"To provide a broadly-based, community forum that collectively supports all residents of Crestwood in establishing a friendly, safe, attractive neighbourhood of which its citizens can be proud."

This will be done by:

  • Playing a proactive, leadership role in listening to the needs of residents, identifying issues and implementing positive, community-based solutions;
  • Reaching out to all residents in welcoming ways to become involved;
  • Offering a representative voice of Crestwood residents on relevant matters that affect Crestwood or the City at large;
  • Providing an attractive, comfortable building that allows for affordable, diverse use by all age groups within the community;
  • Maintaining nicely landscaped, well-kept grounds that may be used for a wide range of social and recreational purposes;
  • Sponsoring community-oriented and economical recreational/social/leisure facilities & programs that are identified and supported by residents;
  • Organizing a few selected major events during the year that bring the community together; and
  • Being good stewards of available resources and as self-sufficient as possible.

Our Objectives
Incorporated as The Crestwood Community League under the Societies Act being Chapter 315 of the Revised Statutes of Alberta,1955.
on the 3rd day of July 1963.
  • To provide for the recreation of the members and to promote and afford for friendly and social activities.
  • To acquire lands, by purchase or otherwise, erect or otherwise provide a building or buildings for social and community purposes.
  • To encourage and promote amateur games and exercises.
  • To provide a meeting place for the consideration and discussion of questions affecting the interests of the community.
  • To carry on a literary and debating club for the discussion of topics of general interest, and to encourage the practise of public speaking among its members.
  • To promote the delivery of lectures on social, educational, political, economic, and other subjects and to give and arrange musical and dramatic entertainments.
  • To establish and maintain a library reading room.
  • To provide all necessary equipment and furniture for carrying on its various objects.
  • To provide a centre and suitable meeting place for various activities of the community.
  • To sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of, or to otherwise deal with the property of the society.