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Traffic Calming Report

posted Nov 15, 2015, 4:07 PM by Crestwood Community League Secretary

The Crestwood Community League has, for years, tried to address the negative effects of the high volume of traffic short cutting, often at high speeds, through the Crestwood neighbourhood.


The speed humps installed on 95 Avenue and 96 Avenue stems from direction given by City Council to Transportation Services to deal with short cutting issues on an expedited short term basis in Crestwood and three other pilot project neighbourhoods.


Crestwood (and three other communities) are “pilot communities” in two ways, namely:

·         Crestwood is helping pilot an expedited program that may be applied to other communities with localized short cutting issues. The expedited pilot program should result in streamlining the process involved to mitigate the negative effects of short cutting. To illustrate the likely benefit, the effort to obtain the 2002 curb extensions took man months of Crestwood Traffic Committee’s work over four years and involved three open houses, surveys, questionnaires, endorsement letters, etc. – it is envisaged that these activities and the timelines would be dramatically reduced under a future Community Traffic Management Policy.

·         Different types of traffic calming measures have been installed in the four communities. The speed humps installed in Crestwood have not been tried in Edmonton in the past 25 years and this type of traffic calming measure is, in one sense, a trial run. 


Speed humps are a common traffic measure used in other municipalities. The majority of municipalities studied have reported that winter conditions and snow removal do not cause major problems. However, certain precautions and adjusted methods must be used when removing snow from speed humps.


The document entitled Traffic Calming Summary, provides a more complete background to our efforts to obtain traffic calming measures and to the recent installation of speed humps. 

Please  download attached file for full report.

Crestwood Community League Secretary,
Nov 15, 2015, 4:07 PM