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Family activities in Green space

posted Feb 26, 2014, 12:53 PM by Crestwood Community League Secretary

Explore Edmonton's Crestwood Natural Areas with the new Urban Biokit!

A great addition to a family walk.

What is an Urban BioKit? 

It is a guide to help you learn about nature in the city.  The guide suggests some activities you can enjoy when you explore nature in Edmonton.

Here is how the BioKit works:

1. Choose a park to visit. Crestwood has 3 parks and two ravines AND the River valley; lots to choose from.

2. Bring a pencil and paper and if available:

  • measuring tape          
  • plant and animal guidebooks
  • camera           
  • binoculars
  • magnifying glass        
  • pocket mirror
  • crayons          
  • paint set
  • GPS unit                   

3. On your way to and from the park, look at and listen to what is around you.

4. When you're back home, discuss your park visit with your family and friends

Where can I get a BioKit? 


Request hard copies by emailing: 

The best part? These kits are FREE and can be used any time, during ALL SEASONS