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Crestwood Ice Arena update

posted Jul 24, 2012, 1:32 PM by Crestwood Community League Secretary

There are no current closure plans for Crestwood Arena. 

 This would not occur until a replacement arena facility was constructed.

 Right now there are no new arena projects funded in the 2012-2014 Capital Budget.


The excerpt below is from the Council Approved 10-Year Arena Capital Development Strategy (available online) and outlines the process that would be followed when the replacement for Crestwood Arena is constructed.

Of particular importance is the piece about the implementation of the City's Public Involvement Process.  Recommendations regarding the arena facility would not occur without community consultation.



Process for Change

·                     As targeted arenas reach the end of their lifecycle they will be closed and a community needs assessment will be completed.


·                     The City would explore partnership opportunities through the proposed Partnership Policy Framework where, the situation suggests community need for an alternate community recreation facility, the physical condition warrants alternate use, and a viable partnership exists to develop the alternate community recreation facility.


·                     The Framework would ensure potential partnership is mutually beneficial and meet the goals and objectives of the alternate community recreation facility.


·                     The Partnership Policy will assist in the development and evaluation of partnership proposals for viability and service relevance. The City must be able to effectively identify appropriate partners and clearly defend its rationale for proceeding or not proceeding with the partnership. It will do this through measurable criteria that are easy to gather, document, and are reliable.


·                     Should the City decide that a potential partnership provides mutual benefits and meets the goals and objectives of the alternate community recreation facility, broad input through the Public Involvement Process and City’s Parks input process would be collected; and recommendations provided to Council. Each partnership would require a unique agreement that clearly assigns current and future liabilities to the partner. The City would not be prepared to accept long term risk and liability for asset. 


·                     If arena closure is the recommended option, decommissioning and disposing of the facility would occur according to City policy.


 The Community League is staying informed and wanted the community to know the current position of the future of the ice arena. If you have any concerns please contact our President Dave Fritz.